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Would you like to feel more relaxed, less stressed and have less mental ‘chatter’?

In my workshop I use guided imagery and creative visualisation, so that everyone, even beginners, can relax, de-stress and encourage self healing.

Meditation can help relieve physical and mental stress and can be used to cultivate a positive outlook on life, to promote healing, well being and confidence.

Meditation gives you time out from a busy life and can restore your balance and peace of mind, ground you and reduce the fragmentation of your energy. Do this for even a short time each day and you can reduce stress and anxiety.

Meditation in the morning helps you to face the day more relaxed, energised and free of tension: in the evening it will help you to sleep better and wake up more refreshed.



Meditation Groups

Meditation groups are held on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 10th September 2011, 2.30-430pm at East Worthing Community Centre, Pages Lane, Worthing. 10 per session. Free parking available. Please email or text for more information.