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Life coaching

Why life coaching? Perhaps you feel that something is missing, that work is boring or your life feels unfulfilled or unbalanced. You may be at a loss to know in which direction to go.

You would like things to be different but don’t know what to change or how to go about it.

Life coaching is a holistic process which considers any and all aspects of your life and situation, including mind, body and spiritual aspects.

It is action led, moving towards goals or outcomes chosen by you and begins with cultivating a positive outlook.

Life coaching is not counselling or therapy; its focus is on now and the future.

In my Life Coaching workshops, I aim to help you to make the changes you want in your life.

First I explain the techniques and tools you can use to identify what changes you want to make.

Next we explore what has stopped you from making these changes before and if necessary, how to go about removing obstacles in your path.

Last, but by no means least, I show you how to implement step by step plans which move you towards your goal.


Workshops for small groups or one to one life coaching available. Please email or text for more information.