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Assertiveness training

“I can’t say ‘no’”.

It’s not just the girl in the song; we all feel like this at times, feeling we are obliged to agree with someone else or pressured to do what we believe is expected of us and we often end up feeling stressed and resentful as a result.

Assertiveness training teaches you how to be able to resist the pressure, to give voice to your needs and wants and how to negotiate to get them, while respecting the rights of others.

It also shows you how to stand up for yourself and how to cope with awkward or difficult people.

In my workshop, you learn how to make positive changes to your verbal and non verbal communication, looking at the messages you give out to other people.

You can learn how to make changes to your body language and increase your self esteem, creating a more confident and assertive you.




Workshops available for small groups or one to one training. Please email or text for more information.